My name is Martínek and I am 9. I was an absolutely healthy boy until my 18 months. I could play, run around like other children. I was happy together with my parents and older sister. But, then my life changed all of a sudden.

Suddenly I started losing balance, kept stumbling and my legs were giving away. Gradually, I became unable to walk. Although I managed to move with a walker and crutches at first, I can’t get along without a wheelchair now.

Nobody knows what is the matter with me. We have visited so many specialists who wanted to help me, but they weren’t able to state any clear diagnosis. Doctors just shake their heads because they don’t know what is the reason of my condition and how to treat it. We have tried nearly everything and still the only information we hear is: “We don’t know how to help further…”.

I’m still a small boy and I have experienced so much pain and fear till my 9th birthday that I often couldn’t sleep and eat… but I will never give up. I do exercise and strive every day. It’s a hard work and I feel really sad that nothing is getting better. I watch my friends running, playing football, travelling by bus… and my greatest wish is to be like them.

Lately, I started losing my ability to speak. I often have to write down what I want to say to my parents, sister, teachers and friends because it’s more difficult to understand my articulation. I’m scared of the prospect without proper treatment…

Me and my parents were nearly helpless what to do next. However, I might got lucky at last. I got an invitation from a medical research institute in Beijing to go through their treatment. We had sent them my health reports but hadn’t dreamed of them interested in a small boy from the Czech Republic.

Therefore, I was so happy that they chose me from so many children all over the world. They have help so many kids already and I have a chance now. I wish to go there so much!

They believe they can help me. Mom and Dad say that Professor Xu Mingtang, the director of the Medical Institute “Kundawell” in Beijing who will treat me, is a highly regarded expert recognized in the USA and other countries all over the world.

I need 290,000 CZK to be able to go to China with my Dad and to undergo the treatment. Unfortunately, we do not have such a huge amount of money and I should leave for Beijing in two weeks.

My parents together with a non-profit organization Zivot detem, o.s. have organized a collection of money. Me and my parents and sister ask you for help. We will be grateful for any financial contribution that will enable me to fly to China on 25th December 2017. This would be the best Christmas present for me!

My father Eduard, me and my mother Pavla

Please, contribute to the account 83297339/0800, variable symbol 1313 and write “Martinek” in the note.

The minimal amount is 100 Euro.

Thank you so much for you help and my hope for the treatment.